Rise up, now!

Latest news on the Delhi gang-rape case is that the victim is being shifted to Singapore for extensive treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital, renowned for organ transplantation. And they are setting up a panel exclusively to look into this case. The motive of the crime will be investigated. What motive does rape warrant? Raging hormones, male chauvinism or illegitimate children? The government has fallen to new lows and Delhiites are protesting their hearts out on the icy roads.

For centuries now, men have been consistently misusing the physicality to satisfy their lust and domination.
A girl is raped in her own house when her parents are out. Another girl is kidnapped and raped in a moving car and then, thrown on the sidewalk. A patient is raped by her doctor. A student is raped by her teacher. A girl is raped by her neighbor for rejecting his marriage proposal. One girl is made to strip in a road full of apparently impotent citizens by a gang of hoodlums, taping themselves proudly... Yet another girl is raped by her own friends at the back of a moving car, on her birthday!
Its pointless to mention that the burden of the crime is always borne by the victim, for she is alone, helpless and female... Most of the time, she succumbs to her traumas and takes her pain with her...In a sexually frustrated society, those who do manage to live do so in constant fear of being ridiculed forever and targeted again! Then there are also things like family honor, social stigma and what-not that downplays her plea for help... People look down upon the victim with eyes full of sympathy and hearts full of apathy.

A recurrent dream

Loved it, hated it, cursed it, blessed it.. A mixed bag of emotions! Its only when you reach the end do you realise how wonderful the journey was...
The night of 29th July 2009... That's when my journey began. The night was ripe and, for the first time, I entered AH5-310... BITS Pilani Goa Campus, that's the way I remember it, a deadly combo of discipline, fun, frolic, rules and academics!
Morning dawns and thats when I get a view of the majestic B-dome.. And began the ritual of classes, clubs, inductions, projections and rejections. Looking back, I have had it all..