the metronome is ticking...

‘Tis half past midnight... And though this night is no different from all the other nights in this heaven of dust, I feel a kind of chill that has got nothing to do with the weather. I reach my room, put on the lights and crash on my side by the window. Amidst the gentle snores of my roommate, the episode replays in my head many times over.
The speeding train... the dull thud and sudden application of emergency brakes... the jamming of doors for 5 minutes and crowd running in the opposite direction, just like flies drawn to a pile of crap! Finally the doors open and we file out, carefully avoiding the leftover baggage (fear of bombs!).
Outside, it’s utter chaos. Saket station must  have  seen crowd like this many times. Only this time, the crowd was less interested in waiting for their train and more into peering over the rails beneath the wheels of the train. Police starts dispersing the crowd...
 Now, I would have chalked this down to some kind of a technical failure and moved on but for the dramatic enlightenment provided by an ageing fellow. It was a suicide attempt by a guy roughly my age! The way it was revealed by the elderly gentleman seemed to suggest his yearning for this kind of excitement.


We love to talk!  Just give us a chance to blabber and we can floor any logical or illogical argument directed our way.No wonder then the telecom companies are lowering the call rates every other day...
The only trouble is we only love to talk without any kind of follow-through. Follow up would require us to get off on our ill-maintained posteriors and actually expose our vulnerabilities for once. No sir, we would rather sit back and discuss the issues until the fire reaches our doors than to jump up and save the neighbourhood.


Its the 21st century, the dawn of technology, the era of information, the age of innovation, blah blah blah... All we see now is more and more mistrust growing among us. The news seem fabricated, the corruption seems invincible, the criminals are bankers... Everyone wants to stay in touch with everyone without realizing the possible serious repercussions of wrongful information. Following orders has become the goal of humanity. Curiosity killed only the crow/cat, humans needn't be afraid.


“Smart”phones... Really?!
The first thought that comes to my mind is how exactly does a phone make a person smart?? Tweeting/Facebooking every one of your pointless movements or chatting in the minuscule 4-inch screen while ignoring human interaction could hardly be the definition of “smart”. And then there is the eternal connection between man and his machine. The vision has been down-sized, literally and figuratively.


Life has taken a complete turn… From being a carefree, loud-mouthed brat to a professional and punctual employee, its been a hell of a transition… And a painful one!
The worst part was the hospital… Numerous injections, several saline bottles, cheerful doctors and countless headaches later, I remained but a shadow of my former self… Its only when your temperature crosses the 104 mark that you start respecting your body! Took me 3 weeks to regain my energy… But something else happened that somehow made these three weeks seems insignificant…
To begin with, I realized and accepted the limitations of physicality, even though the doctors are still unsure about the reasons of my sudden sickness. The body is exactly what you put into it. Put destructive(shitty) thoughts and unhealthy(crappy) food inside, and one day you shall bear the brunt of cells which owe you nothing!
A startling revelation- PARENTS!!

Life of 'sigh!'

No offence to any person, region or cuisine!
Its around noon.. People are working on ProE. Someone is talking on video conferencing. The volume is too loud for my taste.. And my desktop's showing the same bloody error message for the past 3 days! Installing ANSYS is a pain in the ass, voluntarily or involuntarily :-x
Coimbatore is a place for those who like to slog, and slog only! If you dont get fed up of eating dosas and sambhar 3 times a day, you might surely get your head busted whenever you try to speak hindi or english and they wont understand a single word! When you have to walk 8kms to reach home just because you cant explain the name of the bus stop to the conductor, you know you are damned! Especially when you realise this at 9pm(lonely streets and no public transport) :-P
This is what they call a paradigm shift, indeed.. For someone used to waking up at 10am, that too only for breakfast, getting up at 6 and making your own breakfast(after shaving, bathing etc.) is a daytime nightmare.. And then you need to run to a bus stop 2 kms away so that the company bus gives you the pleasure of a safe seat for the next 12 kms. Or you can chose the public transport and probably reach the company alive, with God's grace..