Life of 'sigh!'

No offence to any person, region or cuisine!
Its around noon.. People are working on ProE. Someone is talking on video conferencing. The volume is too loud for my taste.. And my desktop's showing the same bloody error message for the past 3 days! Installing ANSYS is a pain in the ass, voluntarily or involuntarily :-x
Coimbatore is a place for those who like to slog, and slog only! If you dont get fed up of eating dosas and sambhar 3 times a day, you might surely get your head busted whenever you try to speak hindi or english and they wont understand a single word! When you have to walk 8kms to reach home just because you cant explain the name of the bus stop to the conductor, you know you are damned! Especially when you realise this at 9pm(lonely streets and no public transport) :-P
This is what they call a paradigm shift, indeed.. For someone used to waking up at 10am, that too only for breakfast, getting up at 6 and making your own breakfast(after shaving, bathing etc.) is a daytime nightmare.. And then you need to run to a bus stop 2 kms away so that the company bus gives you the pleasure of a safe seat for the next 12 kms. Or you can chose the public transport and probably reach the company alive, with God's grace..

The company itself is too big to be true.. People here work CONTINUOUSLY! Apart from the coffee, tea and lunch breaks, they dont give a damn towards chilling out, let alone using the fitness centre or playing carrom! Professionalism could be my Achilles' heel, if I were to work here permanently..
Then comes the silver lining.. The coffee at 10-30 and lunch at 12-30.. I wonder then as I wonder now, is the lunch and coffee worth the 2-way trip?? Yeah, answer my stomach and other digestive organs! Because I sure as hell am not learning about automobiles/machines/manufacturing/production/quality control/management, yet.. Similarly, the company is not gaining anything from me, apart from the subsidized bus fare :-P
All in all, life's taken a u-turn.. From Goa to Coimbatore, the ride has been too bumpy..
Wishing to buy a bicycle, I ask a man for the location of the nearest shop.. He heads me off to the railway station, smiling profusely as if he's done me a big favor!
When I go to to buy a local sim card, they take my money and paste my photo right over the PAN number and tell me to keep waiting until the problem is rectified(not by them, but by a third party!).
Finally, you drag yourself until the weekend and land at Life of Pi.. One movie which says never to lose hope.. A movie which tells you to shout out at devils and dare them to try harder.. To live on biscuits and water, to eat raw fish and root.. To poke a tiger with a stick... To believe in God and cook your own food.. To watch death all around you and still dare to live!
Anyways, the movie ends and I head home, when the "8km walk" incident happens.. All the rice, curd and sambhar eaten during the day makes its presence felt with odors of varied degree and denomination..
The best thing about this 6-month "Practice School" is definitely gonna be our condo.. A 2-bedroom fully furnished place with no neighbors whatsoever to complain about the loud noise or bother us regarding our daily tantrums.. The previous occupants had been kind enough to leave behind all their utensils and a flatscreen TV with cable connection.. A place where you can sit in the balcony and practically do anything permitted under IPC, and some more :-D
Now, if only we had an LPG to cook, and some Maggi, pulses, wheat flour, rice, spices, vegetables and sauces, I wouldnt be having Podi Roast and sambhar for dinner all the goddamn week!!


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