Life has taken a complete turn… From being a carefree, loud-mouthed brat to a professional and punctual employee, its been a hell of a transition… And a painful one!
The worst part was the hospital… Numerous injections, several saline bottles, cheerful doctors and countless headaches later, I remained but a shadow of my former self… Its only when your temperature crosses the 104 mark that you start respecting your body! Took me 3 weeks to regain my energy… But something else happened that somehow made these three weeks seems insignificant…
To begin with, I realized and accepted the limitations of physicality, even though the doctors are still unsure about the reasons of my sudden sickness. The body is exactly what you put into it. Put destructive(shitty) thoughts and unhealthy(crappy) food inside, and one day you shall bear the brunt of cells which owe you nothing!
A startling revelation- PARENTS!!
It’s amazing how much can they care about you, irrespective of all you ungratefulness. They shall always be by your side, either crying in your pain or giving you their own health, never asking anything in return… I m not much of an example, yet I have the most sacred parents anyone can wish for. Parents who care nothing about their own health when it comes to their son’s well-being, who arrive at my bedside in a few hours, defying all odds and distances… Parents who never leave my side… Such undying devotion and sincere love could only be explained by His existence… For if parents weren’t His incarnations in our world, there will be little difference between man and machine. They always wish the best for you, no matter how much you hurt them, how much you make them pay for your mistakes, how much you criticize their actions, how much you try to go away from them in a haze of selfishness and over-confidence. And when you return, shamefacedly, there is not a moment of complaint. All your sins are forgiven faster than you can apologize for them.
It makes much more sense to first make them happy before your happiness. Remember, it was their unflinching care that made your world worth living in. And it’s their devotion that deserves all the respect in the world…
Another revelation – How insignificant religion can seem if you look at a person before analyzing his last name?!?!
With all due respect, we Hindus take such (false) pride in our simplicity and devotion. And yet, the most sincere people that I have met in my life till now have been Muslims. My hostel mate and fellow trainee at the company is by far the most productive employee in that department, including all their full-time workers! He skips breakfast almost daily in order to be punctual and has to be literally pushed out of the chair for break intervals… Even if he doesn’t like the work, he works twice as hard as me and gets the job done. A person who plays Frisbee with the vengeance and discipline of Tendulkar wielding the willow in his prime! Second example is that of my best friend… She is the most hard-working person and her sincerity has always stood the tests of time. Always the first one to extend a helping hand and never complaining about any troubles, she speaks straight from the heart, no qualms or hesitations ever clouding her honesty and judgement. And she is the person who taught me never to cheat and get false credit. Achieving something without her own effort is not her forte. And this has only made her achieve more and more through harder efforts!
Where did religion come into this? As people, they are by far the best role models for a professional and a friend… The only difference that I see between Hindus and Muslims is that the sweet Sewai kheer prepared during Eid. Never tasted a dessert so delicious!
Almost back to normal health by now, I thank God for giving me these last few days and all the lessons that came alongside.

P.S.- Anonymous follower(s) with varieties of dark comments should break their mirrors, because they are too pathetic to be looked at, even by themselves!


  1. dhyaan rakh apna launde..nice read!

  2. it would have been fun if you could spend one more sem on campus.... u know what i mean?? :P

  3. Kaun kha gaya tereko bey? Kya hua tha.

    1. Doctors say it was viral fever, on steroids!

  4. hey do tc of ueself :)