Its the 21st century, the dawn of technology, the era of information, the age of innovation, blah blah blah... All we see now is more and more mistrust growing among us. The news seem fabricated, the corruption seems invincible, the criminals are bankers... Everyone wants to stay in touch with everyone without realizing the possible serious repercussions of wrongful information. Following orders has become the goal of humanity. Curiosity killed only the crow/cat, humans needn't be afraid.

I don't even know what to believe on the news anymore. Having been accustomed to watching the lunchtime news since the last six months, I can proudly say that I have gained nothing from it. The only events happening around seem to rapes, scams, scandals, match-fixing and celebrity divorces. Gave up watching news for the past month and my mental stress has lessened two-folds. The downside was that I started reading about conspiracy theories instead. Again, the mental drama started. Bohemian Grove is a debate in itself, just like crop circles, 9/11 and Area 51. And on top of that, we gasp/shudder at anything and everything fed to us via the information highway.
However, one fact that I couldn't refute is that consumerism is yet another form of slavery. The big corporations want to keep us fearful so that we continue to consume their products and raising their profits. Mahatma Gandhi strongly advocated cottage industries and home-made clothes to prevent this kind of slavery. Once you get used to a certain kind of lifestyle, you become a slave to the corporations. Then they keep feeding you with fearful facts. Consequently, you keep on buying more and more products that you didn't really need in the first place.
One conspiracy theory suggests that smartphones is yet another way to keep a tap on everyone. Seems absurd, but totally logical. Another one says that the banking corporations are the biggest manipulators of all, much bigger than dictators and presidents(watch a documentary called THRIVE). Then there's another one that says aliens have already contacted us and are working in tandem with the elite of our world to build a separate universe. Crop circles and UFO sightings notwithstanding. Yet another one says that global warming is nothing but a myth designed to keep the masses from bringing in another industrial revolution and shifting the balance of power worldwide.

What then, could we do? Simple! Verify everything that you choose to believe from different sources and always remember the phrase "follow the money" in case you face a dead-end. The one who profits the most is usually the master-mind. Tap the only thing that is not under anyone's control till now-Internet. Chances are high that you will reach the truth in the end.
Frankly, I believe the industrial revolution was a mistake in itself. Nature has but one law. Give back whatever you take from it in the same quantity and quality. That's how an ecosystem becomes sustainable. Industries are exploiting this very law to maximize profit. And the more we have, the more we crave...
On the personal front, I think I have grown a lot during the last six months. Now I can cook, write poetry and get up early morning for a jog. The poetry is lousy, so I will not be going public with that. But the cooking is at your service(complete with a disclaimer!). I now respect people who look down on me. Well done, Coimbatore!

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