We love to talk!  Just give us a chance to blabber and we can floor any logical or illogical argument directed our way.No wonder then the telecom companies are lowering the call rates every other day...
The only trouble is we only love to talk without any kind of follow-through. Follow up would require us to get off on our ill-maintained posteriors and actually expose our vulnerabilities for once. No sir, we would rather sit back and discuss the issues until the fire reaches our doors than to jump up and save the neighbourhood.

Looking at Muzzaffarnagar, a city with a reputation of communal harmony, none could have known that today the people will be rioting in its streets.. Yet, unpredictable as we are, we are actively participating in the killings. The murder of a man(to teach him a "lesson" regarding eve-teasing) in a fit of rage by a youth and his cousin are believed to be the epicenter of this violence, for want of a better reason. That violence has now spread to surrounding rural areas comprising "only" four police stations' jurisdiction until 3 days ago. Even then, political debates were about conspiracies rather than rehabilitation and relief. Now, I understand why the middle finger is painted after polling. They deserve none other!
Few days ago, I was arguing with a few of my better learned friends about lasting peace being brought only with a conclusive war. My arguments were quite naive, viz.:
1. Every human live is equally precious and none have the right to end another, unless its for self-defense.

2. War, conclusive or not, never leaves behind peace in its wake. The only remnants are disease, distrust and a deranged economy.

3. There are no "conclusive" wars!

Then came the usual self-loathing for only talking without any real action, followed by mindfuck and other allied feelings. Discussions run deep about issues of our once ideal society... Too deep to make any real difference on the surface layer that actually matters. Arguments such as ungratefulness, frustration, zero payback and fickle-mindedness of those being helped out had me stumped. Are we indeed living in a nation of a billion fools, rapists and hypocrites with no scope or hope for something better? They say India was a golden goose with peace-loving, cultured and scholarly citizens before foreigners landed on her shores. If we really used to be so ideal before the so-called infiltration by foreigners into our cultures, how the hell did we let ourselves end up in such a rot? Is it only when we reach the precipice of our own destruction that we change ourselves? The finger asks...


  1. They say if each one of start thinking right, that will make our society think right and in turn, our country will think right!