Life has taken a complete turn… From being a carefree, loud-mouthed brat to a professional and punctual employee, its been a hell of a transition… And a painful one!
The worst part was the hospital… Numerous injections, several saline bottles, cheerful doctors and countless headaches later, I remained but a shadow of my former self… Its only when your temperature crosses the 104 mark that you start respecting your body! Took me 3 weeks to regain my energy… But something else happened that somehow made these three weeks seems insignificant…
To begin with, I realized and accepted the limitations of physicality, even though the doctors are still unsure about the reasons of my sudden sickness. The body is exactly what you put into it. Put destructive(shitty) thoughts and unhealthy(crappy) food inside, and one day you shall bear the brunt of cells which owe you nothing!
A startling revelation- PARENTS!!