Too soon to end... GET '13

It was our last day at the production plant. Being the perfect gentleman I am and for the common good of lesser mortals, my good friend (maybe the most sincere trainee of our batch) and I decide to re-visit the ghosts of Christmas past… For later, we were to embark upon the mysterious adventure that they call 'field-work', a mere epithet for being publicly humiliated for one's inefficiency, bereft of the customary uniform.

Armed with a note describing my heartfelt feelings and his disarming smile, we set upon our quest. For the record, the note went something like this:

"Dear Sir,
Thank you for your constant guidance and support during my training in so-and-so department. I will always look forward to working with you in the future.
Sincerely yours

Anyhow, the last day came out kinda weird. On one hand, we had given up hopes both high and low. On the other, we were gonna miss the time that we spent here during our training period. Be it sitting in the canteen, glancing (and misreading) at pretty co-workers, planning movie scripts, gossiping about mentors and shooting million suggestions in thin air. Our batch was complete in itself, like a self-sustainable ecosystem. There were the principled, the creative, the quiz-masters, the confused,  the loiterers, the visionaries, the studs, the free-spirited, the infuriating, the hard-willed and the vixen.  All in all, we had great times in Dhauj, Hilton, Nirvana Patio and Galaxy. 
Some of us peed in buckets, others offered cigarette lighters to canines, some others brought the mentors down to their level for a lesson in silliness, yet some others waylaid the path for future GETs to trot along and repeat our glorious, colorful history. Fights we had, maybe one too many. We took trips to the bars, momos counters, metro stations and all around the night mistress that is Delhi. New phenomena like 'Annihilia', 'co-lawn nights' and 'Machaan' became our mandate. We even succumbed to Dengue, Jaundice and Malaria, integral part of the Gurgaon lifestyle.
This whole time, something kept changing inside us. We learnt to tolerate, comprehend and command. We tolerated hostility, love and over-friendliness. We fell in love and forged many friendships. The gentler eyes moistened during the farewell, so what if it was right below the nose of the seniormost management in the organisation?! It melted hearts... Others shared handshakes and hugs, probably wishing it never had to end so soon. That's right, everyone of us wished it hadn't ended so soon. It could have gone on and on, us being together always, from the training period till our retirement/resignation. We could've been a deadly force together, taking the company to new highs or bringing it down to its knobbly knees. But all this would've been done in impeccable style...
Summing it up, a quote from Picasso fits us best:
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."
Part of us did the former, rest of us did the latter. An ode to our team-work! Salute to each and everyone of the GET batch of 2013... You all make me swell with unconditional pride. Until we meet, again. :-)

P.S.- I finally succeeded in intoxicating, directly or indirectly, the otherwise most sincere GET of our batch, also a very good friend of mine. Cheers to 'bhaang'! 

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