Nostalgia is an addiction…

… because I am slowly learning what real life is all about!
… because now I have accepted that movies are too easy to be real!
… because my friends are in different cities now and all of them are feeling just as lonely!
… because Goan nostalgia will always be about unrestricted, unparalleled bliss!
… because maybe I didn’t make the most of my college time!
… because I have more friends than ‘contacts’!
… because even now, we meet up to laugh about our stupidity and never talk about our careers!
… because girls are still a distant dream for most of us, yet we keep encouraging each other!
… because our concerns were more about NC menu than morning tuts!
… because everyone of us is now in control of their life, despite being so-called engineers!
… because we value our dark companionship all the more now!
… because we fell asleep in lectures together and got insulted by scholarly professors!
… because we successfully inter-polated the safe zone between an E and a D right before any exam!
… because we never gave competition to each other, unless it’s an evening in Velino!
… because we walked aimlessly and still ended up at Jacinto island!
… because we faced accidents at dangerous turns by standing on a bike!
… because we swore to educate an under-privileged kid in a fit of righteousness!
… because we took elections and hostel matches seriously enough to paint the ground red!
… because we went to Vasco just to look at a bakery-girl and try to woo her!
… because we are not engineers, but ‘gadhas’ who got caught in the bathroom with at least 3 others!
… because we did not care and we did not need to!
… because that old balcony will forever echo our excited yells during the girls’ marathon!
… because we had the best of all, with the best of people and the best of places!
… because it’s too damn hard to move on and make such memories with strangers!


  1. ... because we keep waiting for you to post something like this again and again!
    ... because we feel nostalgia too while reading your post!

    1. ...because some friends are always there! :-)

  2. i am afraid ill fall in love with u netu.. sometime u just speak the heart out.. #feeling same...

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