Loneliness has taken over the best part of my last 3 months now. It's one thing to spend time with yourself, another thing entirely to start delving inside one's mind for solace. Especially when the floor of the pit is not too appealing...
I came to Bhopal in the 3rd week of April, as part of my field job and to learn the nuances of my future responsibilities (when the training period ends). It's been 3 months now. While the work has been teaching me lots, I am doubtful about the after-work scenario. And, judging by the fact that I haven't killed myself, I assume that I am accepting myself slowly. Swimming a lot though, only to pass away the evening hours in a haze of blue.

One could say this is my crap karma coming back to haunt me. Another could say this kind of lone time will be good for me, taking me to a higher clarity about the purpose and path of my life. Yet another could say that it's abnormal for a 24 year old to be unable to make friends in a new city. Only my vices are my true companions. Whatever the case be, bottom line is - being lonely is good only if you need a break, not a sabbatical!