the finger speaketh, again..

Starting with the latest, Mrs. Aamir Khan's "controversial" revelation about her insecurities and second thoughts of being a residential Indian, Mr. Aamir Khan's admission of the same at a public event and subsequent chaos…Even as a useless Indian, I feel overwhelmed and highly amused. My reasons are fourfold:

The sacred companion...

So I am en route to Lucknow (again!) and courtesy of my procrastination and that of the Indian railways, I have an RAC (reservation against cancellation) ticket in a II-Tier birth of Bhopal Pratapgarh express. An uneventful but surprisingly cheap cab ride later (Ola Cabs \m/), I wait for a train that tried in-vain to be on time. I find my berth and prepare to settle in, ready to throw away my flippers and hide that damp-sock stink deep down into my baggage. The other occupants of the coach were a cute Islamic family with a darling little girl of about 8 and another family with a brat of about 2, tearing about the place. Also present were a couple of know-it-all kinda uncles, the usual crowd of any train. I made peace with them all; ready to violate Gandhigiri If that bratty little infant ruined my snooze!

Honest sinner

There are times when you reach a stage where the world doesn’t give much of a damn towards you, and you reciprocate. I have been living alone long enough by now to have a first-hand experience. Out of home since the age of 15, this is my ninth year of solo riding. Missed out on many homely activities and nuances, I also got to believe that nothing really matters in the bigger scheme of things. Our so-called civilized world is ripe with hypocrisy and indifference. Genocides are rampant throughout the globe under different brands – ISIS, Africa, war against terrorism, struggle for freedom, patriotism, artificial diseases, economic meltdowns, man-made disasters, conflict diamonds and whatnot. Being God’s sole mistake, we have been punishing Him consistently.

I am...

They say that it’s enough for one life to figure out who and why you are. For a long while now, my primary quest has been to identify my Self. Eventually, this might probably assist in getting a fulfilling life where I constantly learn something new. So, here goes:


Wings, words and pasta...

Four years it will be since I wrote my first ever post on this very blog.. Life never ceases to surprise you though. Because for the first time in these four years has someone actually declared that they are waiting for my next post, explicitly ordering me to "write something good".. :-D
Anyhow, I hope this one might be "good" enough.
When I wrote 'Winged Dreams' ( back in October 2012, I got the very logo of Honda wrongly oriented. For the record, it's as specified below: 
One and a half years since my first job at this automobile giant, I have learnt more than I knew in the initial 22 years of my life about vehicles. And while I am still not very sure about my definitive career path and/or life's passion, something about learning how an automobile works or just reading up ways to mod up my winged lass 

Six years old and still good as new, I hated her since the very first day.