I am...

They say that it’s enough for one life to figure out who and why you are. For a long while now, my primary quest has been to identify my Self. Eventually, this might probably assist in getting a fulfilling life where I constantly learn something new. So, here goes:


a.       Prefer a deep personal space for my thoughts and feelings. Anyone intruding that space always got snubbed in the past.
b.      Might appear garrulous to most, but I am most comfortable at listening.
c.       Like to exaggerate moments and actions so as to define them as milestones instead of footnotes.
d.      Despise it when people believe they “understand” me and tend to advise me about my feelings.
e.      Don’t understand many of our social norms which complicate things and hinder an otherwise smooth process flow.
f.        Wish to be professional during working hours and utterly informal afterwards.
g.       Respect women at all times except when their idiosyncrasies defy pure logic and more than they usually respect me. It proves to be a losing proposition saves for the occasional belle who appreciates finesse.
h.      Have my own discipline when it comes to living healthy.
i.         Have tried most of the ‘sinful’ stuff and haven’t developed addiction to a single one. Born in a Brahmin family, my ancestors must be doing cartwheels in their graves.
j.        Have an innocent face which thoroughly mischaracterizes my first impression. 
k.       Have sufficient intellect with a hint of modesty and humility.
l.         Am blessed with a sly wit and my repartee is usually the cause of my troubles.
m.    Have a bias towards theatrics, automobiles and water.
n.      Get turned on by impeccable logic and give a keen attention to detail.
o.      Like to help people out but hate the emotional ties that come thereafter. Mere gratitude should be enough.
p.      Try to plan out my life but someone higher up has a better sense of humor than I.
q.      Am short-tempered towards those who pity themselves and don’t put in their best effort.
r.        Like to smirk when relatively well-off people believe that their fatuous emotional predicaments actually amount to a hill of termites in this nutty circle of life drama.
s.       Am patient with curiosity and impatient with stupidity.
t.        Like to pry all things until they break down or I become an expert.
u.      Have a commendable fitness level and diet control. If only I become a morning person, the overall package would be irresistible. 
v.       Have a closely-knit bunch of friends who mean the world to me and vice-versa. We are always game for eccentricity at all levels.
w.     Like to question the most obvious and mundane things if there’s the tiniest possibility of a new experiment.
x.       Have a low tolerance towards monotonocity and boredom. Somewhere down the line, it affects my sincerity and focus.
y.       Am good with my hands and exert just the right amount of effort.
z.       Am known to give fruitful advice to those who care to listen. And so, here’s some for the one who is commenting anonymously  for a while now –
I know who you are and wish you a happily married life, whenever that time comes.



  1. Kaa rey beta... "Y" wala kuch samajh nhi aya ... Baaki to sab easy english mey hai :p

  2. hey thr.. its been a month no post.. no new thoughts kya.. anyways he is gone far away.. so wedding bells are still far.. :'(