Wings, words and pasta...

Four years it will be since I wrote my first ever post on this very blog.. Life never ceases to surprise you though. Because for the first time in these four years has someone actually declared that they are waiting for my next post, explicitly ordering me to "write something good".. :-D
Anyhow, I hope this one might be "good" enough.
When I wrote 'Winged Dreams' ( back in October 2012, I got the very logo of Honda wrongly oriented. For the record, it's as specified below: 
One and a half years since my first job at this automobile giant, I have learnt more than I knew in the initial 22 years of my life about vehicles. And while I am still not very sure about my definitive career path and/or life's passion, something about learning how an automobile works or just reading up ways to mod up my winged lass 

Six years old and still good as new, I hated her since the very first day.