Change, missing lakes..

They say change is the only constant in this world. How this statement never irked the grammar Nazis, I would never know. However, change, in itself, should be comprehensive.
Past week, my life underwent another paradigm shift. Uprooted from the most peaceful city I have ever lived in, I shifted base temporarily to the concrete haven they now call Gurugram. Professionally, I am at a newer place. 
Personally, I never moved away from the great City of Lakes.
Bhopal has given me a new way of life and a chance to rediscover myself through different gateways. Right from the beginning, that city absorbed me like a long lost child meeting his mother. Cordial and helpful people, in office and beyond, largely shaped my comfortable stay for two and a half years. Never having to witness any wrongdoing or negative event, this city always gave me unreserved bliss. 
The home where I spent major part of my stay was probably the best home I could hope for. The morning view went like this: